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Natural kid’s wigs

children wigs - aggelos saxitzis

Children can suffer hair loss for exactly the same reasons as adults. Given the fact that kids grow, There must be careful consideration before choosing the wig size, style and type.




There are specific sizes for children or adolescents.



Aggelos Sachitzis wigs are all sanitized and sterile. Feel comfortable and contact us for special orders and applications. Special custom made orders are possible, even by providing our specialists with a photograph.


Children wigs for all ages of children. Antiallergic bases lightweight for maximum natural look. Contact Tel. +30210/5319755




  • Special custom made orders.
  • High Quality Products - hypoallergenic - lightweight.
  • WideVariety of Styles.
  • Competitive Prices.


Contact us by phone or by e-mail and we will help you immediately.

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