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weft- aggelos saxitzis

Wefts are used to change the style and appearance by lengthening and thickening or just changing the style of your appearance.

Wefts are 100% natural European REMY hair, available in different lengths (45 cm, 60 cm up to 100 cm) and in all natural colors.

Sterilized and stained with indelible dyes for greater color stability. There are 4 types: Straight - Wavy - Curly-Spiral. With long hair a hairdresser can create incredible hairstyles, play with the colors and create contrast.



Natural wefts

Natural wefts are available in various qualities:

  • Economical in 2 qualities.
  • European in 2 qualities.
  • U.S. special construction.



Wefts can be fitted in the following ways:

  • Weft with removable clips. Wefts of this type are custom made to meet the specific requirements of the client (density, length and color). Placed anywhere on the head, depending on the effect you want to achieve. You can easily place them yourself or with the help of your hairdresser.
  • Tailored wefts
  • New method of attaching wefts!
  • Micro ring attachment method.


Skin Weft

The invisible weft attachment method is a technique which appeals to ladies who have very fine hair. These handmade wefts are glued with double sided sterile tape. Placed very close to the hair root for invisible and mellow attachment.
Give us your wefts measures (length-width), the color or combination of colors...
and you just put it on!


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