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aggelos sachitzis


After a long course in wigs, extensions, wefts, postiches and specialised hair loss and hair care products, we are trying to keep our prices always low and competitive to meet even the most demanding customer’s needs.

Since 1986 we made our debut until now we have managed to establish a relationship based on trust with our customers. We travelled around the world, we contacted all the big hair factories and industries so that our products will be in tune with fashion and combine modern aesthetics with high quality.

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To keep your wefts beautiful and shiny for a long time,
very important is the care and treatment that will make.


Care Instructions Natural wefts

wash weftwash weftwash weft


To wash your weft using a cuvette and place lukewarm water. In the water and before ''dive'' your weft, add a little amount of shampoo with neutralph and mix with your hand to become one. After holding in your hand all series of weftds the baptized into the cuvette two to three times without let them out of your hand. Do not rub to avoid the big mess. For rinse them again follow the same process without the addition of natural shampoos.


wash weftwash weftwash weft


Once you are done you have to spread a towel and place over wefts. Let them drain and then spend on styling that you like.

In this way you will wear them until bored them.


Do you have more questions?

Contact us by phone or  write to our company e-mail and we will immediately help you. 


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