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After a long course in wigs, extensions, wefts, postiches and specialised hair loss and hair care products, we are trying to keep our prices always low and competitive to meet even the most demanding customer’s needs.

Since 1986 we made our debut until now we have managed to establish a relationship based on trust with our customers. We travelled around the world, we contacted all the big hair factories and industries so that our products will be in tune with fashion and combine modern aesthetics with high quality.

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…Answers making you feel at ease.


1.    How can I make sure that people around me won’t realize I am wearing a wig?

Even if you think it is obvious and /or you think that possibly people around you, can realize that you are wearing a wig, we can assure you that no one can realize it whatsoever. Our little professional secrets will make you feel at ease.

2.    What quality of wig would you advise me to buy?

In our stores you will find synthetic, natural, and mimicking natural hair wigs. We would definitely recommend natural or mimicking natural hair wigs for greater durability and a more natural effect.


3.    Are there ways to fit the wig so that it won’t slip off my head?

There is absolutely no such fear. This is achieved thanks to special rubber rounds at the back of your head which can be adjusted on your head’s perimeter.


4.    If access to your premises is not easy for me, how can I maintain my wig?

This being the case, you will simply go to your nearest hair salon of your choice and we will advise them on how to maintain your wig in the most suitable way.


5.    How I can maintain my wig’s hairstyle?

A natural wig will act just like your hair. That is to say you will only need a hair dryer if you want to maintain the hairstyle it had the day it was bought. Any mimicking natural hair wig is at an advantage, since it can be washed and when it dries it looks just like it was when you first saw it. In both cases, under our guidance and using our hair styling products you will definitely achieve the result you wish.

6.    How can I choose the most appropriate wig for me?

Our qualified staff will help you find the ideal solution for you to feel comfortable. You only need to tell us exactly what you need. Provide us with all the necessary information and leave the rest to our experts.

7.    Can I dye my wig or highlight it?

We can only dye natural hair wigs and make them darker or fairer. Highlights are also possible. What we can do with mimicking natural hair wigs is add more hair locks in our service department. We cannot dye such wigs.

8.    Will the wig make me feel the heat, more, in the summer?

It is the base of the wig that plays a definite role in the airing of your head. There are wigs with handmade base specially designed to let your skin breathe. There are also wigs with special gaps allowing air to pass through, causing absolutely no problem.


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