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postiche - aggelos saxitzis

Postiches in a great variety

Easy, quick and dramatic change in your appearance. This can be achieved with one of our postiches.

ΕξSkilled stylists help you choose the model that suits you. Spend some of your time and enjoy a demonstration of postiches that suits you from the variety of models available.



With natural or synthetic, imitation of natural hair, available in classic and contemporary shades, Bandit, dreadlocks, braids, bun, postiches, curly, wavy or straight, with tieback, comb or elastic band that can be adjusted to the specific requirements of each hairstyle. Especially designed postiches for thinning hair, with or without partings.

Perfect for bridal and evening hairstyles. We accept special orders for handmade postiches. We also manufacture according to your desires: Highlights, Curly, Screw, Afro, wavy and straight hair.


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