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extension - aggelos saxitzis


Get now, within hours rich and long hair as you always wanted, with extensions Angelo.

In our shops you will find straight, wavy and curly extensions. You can also special order which will be ready in 2 working days.

EXTENSION is nothing new in the field of prosthetics. There have been years of experience in extension fitting either to achieve the desired hair length or to thicken the look of one’s hair.


However today we can talk about extension fitting that does absolutely no harm to natural hair, has adequate duration, gives natural appearance, it is particularly easy to fit, it is safe and it does not damage the hair when removed. Both fitting and removal of extensions have become the simplest procedures.

Who are suitable extensions?

Mainly for women with thin hair and thinning, where the outcome is more impressive as we can give length and volume for women who wish from one day to the next to have long hair for women after chemotherapy want to lengthen the hair.

How long can you keep the extensions?

With good care can keep you up to six months. The extensions after 6 months should be removed because the links will be visible.

We offer only 100% natural remy hair, so we guarantee that all hairs have been processed in the right direction. Only thus can wear with maturity up to six months and be manageable.  

Colours extensions


What to look for in extensions?

Unfortunately there still often hear from women that they had too many problems when they put extensions, such tangling and knots in her hair.

When we buy or put extensions should pay attention to:
remy hair

      • The extensions have 100% natural hair                                         
      • The extensions are from 100% remy hair.
      • The extensions have compound from 100% the stratum
        which is a normal constituent of human hair.

So durable and does not damage the hair.

Quality Control - Manufacture

Each and every lock of hair undergoes thorough inspections in our laboratory, gets sterilized and only then it is fitted in place with keratin glue exclusively. Various fitting procedures are followed:

      • Laser fitting- cold placement.
      • Thermal fitting procedures.
      • Invisible extensions - for fine and delicate hair.
      • Laser flat fitting.
      • Classic Round and round mini-mini placements.
      • Ring loop (rings) for easy placement and removal.
      • Ring-loop gets placed without the use of any device(rings with natural hair).

Keratin is a natural constituent of human hair and fully protects its structure.
We use genuine keratin.


There are many ways of extension fitting involving
Fusible, Laser (cold fitting), flat, micro ring, ring loop, invisible hair extension - hair and skin wefts. We also offer special SPA treatments ideal for the care of not only the extensions but natural hair too.

How to select

Extensions can be straight, wavy, curly, screw or afro looking. They are available in natural shades making invisible elongation but also in modern fancy colors (one color, two colors or more). The choice of colors is made from a wide variety of shades of our color list. Highlights and different lengths allow for amazing hairdressing creations.


The extensions with natural hair or natural colored locks, allow the customer to lengthen, give volume, make highlights and style their hair quickly. Countless solutions that highlight the particular characteristics of every woman are available, without any age limit.

Locks of 100% natural straight wavy or curly hair. Ready keratin small locks.
Wide range of colors - new fancy fashionable colors!

Laser (cold fitting)

Extension with new technology "cold fitting" laser. The new method is bound to meet the specific needs of customers with highly sensitive or thin hair. The new laser is a completely new device for lengthening hair, based on ultrasound technology!


The machine produces small ultrasonic vibrations (ultrasonic vibrations). These vibrations soften the keratin so as to be fully implemented at the fitting point. As a result crystallization is achieved creating a fitting result which is smooth, durable and completely invisible. The result is amazing, for flat or round mini fittings.


The use of the advanced device for invisible extension provides the possibility of highly durable yet indistinguishable to the naked eye micro-agglutination. Thus, it is possible to use a small number of hairs per lock so that they can fit perfectly into the scalp and be regarded as natural continuity. The result is perfect but it requires more implementation time.

Express / Express extension

This method enables you to get long hair easily & quickly by yourself. It is used either for thickening or lengthening. With unique easiness, insert your own specially shaped pieces with clips along your head and change your style. We will teach you the fitting and application techniques.

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Have more questions?

Contact us by phone or by e-mail and we will help you immediately. 

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