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Aggelos Sachitzis

Business is aimed at people with taste and sense of fashion, who want to join the family 'aggelos sachitzis' taking advantage of our expertise, range of products and services in order to create a modern, profitable and well organized enterprise, guaranteed by the market leader.
We offer

  • Techno-economic study of investment
  • Architectural drawings and construction supervision
  • Exclusive distribution of foreign brands
  • Window setup and premises additions
  • Staff Training
  • Average products supply
  • Constant update on trends and developments in hairdressing around the world
  • Marketing campaigns with nationwide coverage.


  • TV spots and radio commercials in nationwide scale
  • Advertisements in print
  • Ability to adjust the above in a specific situation (customize).



  • Participation in competitions. Sponsorships and charities.
  • Continuous participation in exhibitions. Luxuriously printed promotional leaflets of our products and services.
  • Advertising brochures.

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