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aggelos sachitzis


After a long course in wigs, extensions, wefts, postiches and specialised hair loss and hair care products, we are trying to keep our prices always low and competitive to meet even the most demanding customer’s needs.

Since 1986 we made our debut until now we have managed to establish a relationship based on trust with our customers. We travelled around the world, we contacted all the big hair factories and industries so that our products will be in tune with fashion and combine modern aesthetics with high quality.

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Wigs - Aggelos Sachitzis


company- aggelos saxitzis


The Company ''aggelos sachitzis'' made its debut in 1986.

The company is engaged in wholesale and retail marketing of natural and synthetic hair wigs, postiches, toupees (for women and men) braids, extension fitting devices, laser, thermal devices, and application products and toiletries.




Retail sales are conducted through 4 privately owned stores in Attica and Crete and through cooperating and franchise stores throughout Greece. Brochures and distribution of products are being done throughout Greece by postal & courier services.

  Wholesale   is conducted through a network of sales and store franchise. We distribute our products throughout Greece.

Wigs and hair of every kind are sterile and sanitized

We send you a list of our products throughout Greece by courier at your request.


Beware of imitations!

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